Macon-Bibb Property Survey

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Published 10/13/2017


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Published 08/04/2016

Fire in Detroit

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Published 07/05/2016

Foreclosures in Detroit

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Published 06/23/2016

Mapping Every Parcel on the Planet

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Published 04/18/2016

A School District in Crisis

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Published 01/24/2016

MorningSide Tax Auction

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Published 12/22/2015

Cleveland Citywide Survey

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Published 11/19/2015

Site Control

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Published 11/04/2015

Parks and Rec

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Published 11/02/2015

Weed in the D

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Published 10/06/2015

After the Auction

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Published 09/15/2015

After the Fire

Fire survey gallery 905530c2ffb4581c1257e05a7dfa3e82dab55f5074c824ee683232a81e2be133
Published 09/02/2015